Fibre Craft Tools

We've developed a range of tools specifically designed to cater to the needs of knitters, fibre spinners, weavers and crocheters.


New ideas for useful gadgets and giftware are constantly being researched and developed at our studio in consultation with fibre artisans, and are made available online via our Etsy shop.

"I love this! Everything I need in one place, on one sturdy and handy card! Thank you!”

Christene Ryan - Etsy customer

Spin Buddy

Our most popular multipurpose gadget for fibre spinners and knitters.

This compact tool features four handy functions: TWIST-ANGLE GAUGE lets you determine the angle and style of twist in your yarn. RECESSED RULES can be used to count the number of stitches in your swatch and determine your WPI rating. The GROOVED CONTROL CARD lets you check your yarn's WPI on the fly, and FIBRE CATCH NOTCHES keep your spun yarn from unravelling when you leave the wheel.

Bobbin Spy

Peek at your spool while you spin!  Easy to mount and interchangeable.

When mounted to your bobbin, the Bobbin Spy acts like a rear-view mirror, letting you see the fibre that's out of sight behind the bobbin flange.


With seven sizes to choose from, there's a model to suit any bobbin in your spinning arsenal.

Sock Blockers

Light, flexible and in a range of Junior and Adult shoe sizes.

Ventilation holes aid faster drying, and smooth contours help to reduce bunching at the ankle.

In addition to a standard 7mm hanging hole, the anti-drop hook at the top of each blocker allows it to be hung directly from your clothesline and prevents it from falling off on breezy days.

Available as a single blocker or in pairs.

Combo Gauge

The ideal multifunction tool for knitters.


Quickly determine your needle size, wraps-per-inch, yarn weight or swatch count.


The Combo Gauge is made of light acrylic with enamel finish in mandarine, grape (shown), mint and avocado colours with frost-etch markings.

Choose either METRIC or US needle size.

Gauge Rule • Fibre Catch

Two simple classics, still going strong!


Our Gauge Rule lets you check the stitch-count on your knitted swatch, using either the METRIC or IMPERIAL rule. Models are available in a set of two small  (1" & 2") or a large single (4").

The Fibre Catch is simple device that keeps your fibre from unravelling while you take a break from the spinning-wheel. Simple to use, and suits most spinning wheels.

Custom Badges • Labels 

Personalised timber badges and soft garment labels.

Available in both SHEEP and ALPACA models, these personalised name-badges are ideal for knitting and spinning groups, attendees of craft seminars and fibre retreats.


Our customisable faux-leather Brag Tag labels can be attached to your finished fibre project, adding extra flair when displaying, gifting or selling.  Available in a range of colours.

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