Customised Giftware

Make something special out of the ordinary, by having your own image, logo or inscription printed, engraved or heat-pressed to customisable products.

One-offs, Small and Medium Quantities

Whether you need a single item as a personalised gift, promotional items for a function or uniforms decorated with your company logo, we can customise quantities to suit.

Customise with Existing and Original Art

You're welcome to supply your own art or let us create something original just for you.


Full-colour printing on Photo Slates, Stubby Wrappers, Poly/cotton Clothing and other specialty items.


Images applied to white surfaces produce the most vibrant colours. When applied to off-white or light coloured surfaces, a more subtle, muted effect is achieved.


If you require a full-colour image pressed to black or dark surfaces, the HEAT TRANSFER process is recommended (see below).


An ideal method for decorating dark coloured fabric with full-colour graphics.


Soft polyester transfer vinyl is sublimated, stencilled and heat-pressed to clothing, bags and various gift items. Any image that can be printed via sublimation can be used when creating heat transfers.


Heat transfers are a cost effective alternative to pocket embroidery or screen printing where full colour images need to be displayed.


Coloured or textured heat-press vinyl for decorative application on clothing.


Solid-colour graphics can be replicated, stencilled and heat-pressed to your choice of garment.


Vinyls are available in a variety of finishes, including metallic, glitter, puff and flock. Existing designs may be adapted to suit, or we can create original art to suit.


Anything from a simple monogram to an intricate design can be applied to items such as glassware, plaques, wallets and more. 

On glassware, an elegant "frosted" effect is achieved. On timber, leather and acrylic, the image can be applied to create an eye-catching contrast tone, or deep-etched to provide a "routed" finish. The same design may be reproduced on any number of items.

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